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Summerfield Place Reviews

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"Tenent Nicely kept apt. complex. Excellent response by maintenance when needed"

Review Received From: http://Apartments.com

- August 2016 by Unknown

"I love Summerfield Place! If we for any reason will ever need to rent an apartment we will definitely go there again!. Recommending to anyone looking for a super nice apartment/townhouse."

- June 2016 by Bianca Peoples

"SUMMERFIELD PLACE Summerfiled is a nice apartment complex that had a rough past but now with new management and renovations its great. If i ever have a problem they come and fix it within a timely manner. The pool and gym are in great shape and always have some kind of landscaping going on to keep it looking great."

Review Received From: http://apartments.com

- September 2015 by Unknown

"Over $10 million renovation project. Looks amazing. Quick to fix anything wrong. Nice staff!!!! "

- December 2014 by Klino
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